Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Simple App Makes Life lot easier

So you just shifted to a new city in India, one of the first things you have to deal with is our famous auto walas. Every city in India will leave you with different flavour. In delhi you will pray to god that you don't get robbed, mumbai no idea, chennai is always a language issue for a newbie, Hyderabad even though you have hundreds of auto lined up chasing you like headless chicken, the pre paid auto stand will always say "sir not available".

You must be wondering what has auto story to do with "Technology". So here is my story and why I got inspired to write this. I have just joined an organization in Hyderabad, and family is in Bangalore, which makes my life shuttle between two cities. I travel every weekend to Bangalore And have to deal with the nonsense bargaining as I will be quoted almost 50 Rs or more per KM.

One fine day my friend introduced to me with an amazing app taxi for sure, this is a revolutionary service which not only makes use of location services, combined with sms, offers, feedback etc.

I was impressed with the feature to track the cab, book it with simple click, and if you are sending your loved ones you can track the route as well. It offers lot of cool features like how far is your Cab, online receipts, cabbie feedback, you will love the simplicity and ease of use.

It makes lot of sense, fact that it is affordable and you get a taxi for sure as the name says, it is much better than other competitors in this space.

This is true use of technology, and sense because of its simplicity.  A true innovation with a successful business model
Taxi For Sure